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URWERK unveils final UR-105 TTH model as limited edition example

When it comes to truly one-of-a-kind watch designs, URWERK continues to play a key role in the industry with its collection of automotive-inspired examples. The brand celebrates the final release of its UR-105 series with a new limited edition URWERK UR-105 TTH. The UR-105 TTH features a titanium and tantalum 39.5mm "soap bar" case, which opens to reveal the complex dial in the design. When opened, the transparent dial highlights the UR-105 TTH function, as well as the inner workings of the in-house UR 5.03 self-winding movement. The rear shell of the URWERK UR-105 TTH is partially transparent to highlight the twin turbos, helping to provide a 48-hour power reserve and 30-meter water resistance. The back case is also engraved with the last release of the UR-105 and the production number of each watch. The UR-105 TTH further incorporates a one-of-a-kind design feature, with a multi-layer nylon strap that complements the sharp edges of the case.

Urwerk UR-105 TA 'Turbine Automatic' watch in fancy colors

With the new Urwerk UR-105 TA collection for 2015, the Swiss brand is making one of their most attractive timepiece collections even better. In 2014, Urwerk debuted the UR-105M watch, introducing a great new design and a new entry-level price point for the brand. The next model in the series is the Urwerk UR-105 TA “Turbine Automatic Knight Watches”, which not only expands the range with a new visual style, but also features a completely different movement. The UR-105M is a hand-wound timepiece, while the Urwerk UR-105 TA (UR-105TA) contains a self-winding movement (Urwerk's “turbo automatic” system).

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Why choose "Turbo Auto"? Well, most Urwerk automatic watches have an oscillating rotor connected to a set of turbines that visually rotate with the rotor. This part is just for fun and performance, but it's also part of a system that allows the rotors to spin easily with more resistance, or stop all together (when you're expecting an Urwerk UR-105 TA watch to experience "hard motion" and potential shocks) . The Urwerk UR-105 TA case has a switch on the back that allows the wearer to choose between automatic winding modes.

If a comparison is required, there is no clear winner between the Urwerk UR-105 M (UR-105M) and the Urwerk UR-105 TA (UR-105TA). The watches feature the same case design with different finish options and some material changes, but are mostly titanium, measuring 39.5mm wide, 53mm long and 16.8mm thick. The Urwerk UR-105 case is also very comfortable and cool. The only Urwerk case I like more is the UR-210.

The UR-105 M contains the hand-wound Urwerk movement UR 5.01, while the Urwerk UR-105 TA uses the new movement UR 5.02 - with a 48-hour power reserve and running at 4Hz (28,800 bph). From the "dial" of the watch, it's easy to confuse the two models, but there are changes here and inside, and the movement offers very different displays. The dial is covered with a custom-shaped sapphire crystal, and you can only display the hours and minutes with a version of Urwerk's popular "satellite" time display, which features a rotating disc with hour markers that drag over the domed minute scale verb: move. It's a very different way of showing time compared to standard hands, but once you get the hang of it, it's super easy. The surface itself, between UR-105 M and Urwerk UR-105 TA,

Things start to look different when you flip the watch over and look at the case back. However, let's start with the side of the case, there are no indicators on this new Urwerk UR-105 TA, while on the UR-105M, there is a second power reserve indicator and a second indicator. The back of the existing UR-105 M has a power reserve indicator, service indicator (when to send the watch in for service), and a screw that allows you to fine-tune the movement and adjust the accuracy (borrowed from the interesting Urwerk EMC). The Urwerk UR-105 TA has none of these – instead, it opts for a movement that only displays the time and seconds, and offers an automatic winding with a selection indicator.

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It would be nice if Urwerk kept the seconds dial on at least one side of the case. A power reserve indicator would be appreciated, but it's easy to live without this being an automatic watch. The prices of the two watch models are very similar, so it's clear that Urwerk just wants to expand the product range while adding more options, not increase or decrease the size of the pricing. Also interesting is that Urwerk offers some bold colors including Urwerk UR-105 TA Black Lemon and UR-105 TA Black Orange when I first thought of it. That being said, the Urwerk UR-105 TA comes in a total of four versions, including the more traditional sober colors the brand is known for.

Urwerk nicknamed the Urwerk UR-105 TA the "Urwerk Knight", which translates with a bit of humor when you think of the "Black Lemon Knight" in yellow armor. If you check out the brand's official Urwerk UR-105 TA video, you'll see that the knight incarnation they've built for this new model has become a futuristic knight, while the UR-105 M is a more traditional medieval style knight. Anyway, Whether you prefer the more sober black, black and 18k red gold, or black and orange or black and yellow, I think the Urwerk UR-105 TA is a very attractive model with a rare combination of extremely edgy looks and everyday Wearing versatility.
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