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Сообщение #1 selldead111 » 17 января 2024, 11:45

Hi all !
I have UK fullz dead , if u want to buy i have:

4658652008699022|12/25|545|Name on Card : Mr. Lewis Crabtree |1 pengover close liskeard |Liskeard |Pl14 3nz|UK|phone number : 07463983223|date of birth : 01/04/1994|Mother's maiden name: Crabtree |account number : 33785939|sort code : 20-50-40|Full Name : L m crabtree

Uk Fullz with BANK i have ( Halifax, RBS, Santander, Natwest, HSBC, Bank of scotland, Barclays , Lloyds, First Direct, TSB, COOP, Metro, Nationwide, Yorkshire, UlsterBank, Clydesdale, Tesco, Monzo, Ireland, Issuing Bank, Revolut, Starling ) ----->>>>>

4751 2902 3460 8842|01|24|148|A a narma|33, 33 Beaumont Road||LE5 3HB|UK\phone number : 07413325093|date of birth : 07/05/1993|account number : 71240578|sort code: 60-15-48|mother maiden name : Khalifa |Full name: Asjad NARMA

Uk Fullz with mobile network providers ( VODAFONE , O2 , EE...) ----->>>>>

Username :
Password : Enigmatic1958
--------------EE Billing-----------------------
Full Name : David Foster
Address 1 : 34 Adelaide Road
Address 2 : West Ealing
City : London
County : Select County
Post Code : W13 9EB
Phone Number : 07931712570
--------------EE Fullz-----------------------
Card Holder Name : D W FOSTER
Card Number : 4659 2300 7263 0170
Expiry Date : 08/23
CVV : 707
DOB(DD/MM/YYYY) : 03/06/1958
Account Number : 20371858
Sort Code : 20-17-18
MMN : McLennan
|--------------- I N F O | I P -------------------|
|Client IP :
|--- ----
User Agent : Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_15_6) AppleWebKit/605.1.15 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/14.0 Safari/605.1.15

Uk Fullz with PHONE PROVIDER ----->>>>>

Username :
Password : Hockey50
--------------O2 Billing-----------------------
Full Name : Ruth O'Kane
Address 1 : 30 Ballymacashen Road
Address 2 : Killinchy
City : Newtownards
County : Down
Post Code : BT24 6SH
Phone Number : 07821923157
--------------O2 Fullz-----------------------
Card Holder Name : MRS R O'KANE
Card Number : 4751 1100 1381 5188
Expiry Date : 06 / 24
CVV : 134
DOB(DD/MM/YYYY) : 21/08/1961
Account Number : 56523084
Sort Code : 98-00-30
MMN : McCully
|--------------- I N F O | I P -------------------|
|Client IP :
|--- ----
User Agent : Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 10; SAMSUNG SM-A920F) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) SamsungBrowser/12.0 Chrome/79.0.3945.136 Mobile Safari/537.36
|----------- ((())) --------------|

Uk Fullz with AGE RANGE ----->>>>>
I have all DOB from 1930s-2000s

Uk Fullz with SORTCODE ----->>>>>
I have over 100k fullz so u can send any sortcode i will check for u

Uk Fullz with NIN ----->>>>>
Full name: Michael Enomah
Telephone: 07459192535
Date of birth: 14/03/1963
Address: 66 peninsula house o'Leary street , Warrington, Wa27sa
MMN: Agnes Ikhelua
Card BIN: 465902
Cardholder name: M.Enomah
Card number: 4659024519856021
Card exp: 02/23
Security code: 059
Account: 43479765
Sort Code: 20-91-48
NIN: Sy 48 86 55 d
DL: ENOMA603143M99MM
Submitted by:
UserAgent: Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 10; SAMSUNG SM-A505FN) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) SamsungBrowser/12.1 Chrome/79.0.3945.136 Mobile Safari/537.36

Uk Fullz with SPECIFIC DOOR ----->>>>>
Almost all have house numbers including floors and apartments

Uk Fullz with VBV + MMN ----->>>>>
4757149145425726|03 / 20|429|ERIN PATTERSON|4 Carsons Dale|Newtownards|Northern Ireland|BT23 5GG|UK|07754740429| DOB 9-4-1998 |account number 9382450401 |short code 09-01-28 |MMN McCormick |VBV bubbles\par

Uk Fullz with CITY----->>>>>
I have over 100k fullz, SO i can filter anycity u want

Uk Fullz with NATIONAL INSURANCE ----->>>>>

+ ---------------DVLA----------------+
+ Personal Information
+ ------------------------------------------+
| Email Address:
| First Name: Shannon
| Last Name: Lee
| Address: 393 Beaumont Leys Lane
| County: Leicestershire
| Postcode: LE4 2BG
| Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy): 26/12/1996
| Mobile/Telephone Number: 07833495581
| Driver License Number:
| National Insurance Number: Jw 44 64 72 a
| Account Number: 46691713
| Sort Code: 09-01-28
+ ------------------------------------------+
+ Card Information
+ ------------------------------------------+
| Cardholder Name: S m Lee
| Card Number: 4757147329496307
| Expiry Date: 05/21
| CVV: 865
+ ------------------------------------------+
+ Bank Information
+ ------------------------------------------+
| Santander Customer ID: S m lee
| Santander Passcode: harry2803
| Santander Password: harry2803
| Santander Memorable Word: Harrybirthday

Uk Fullz with Driver License ----->>>>>

+ Personal Information
+ ------------------------------------------+
| Email Address:
| First Name: Rose
| Last Name: O'brien
| Address: 15 Snowdon Drive, Fforestfach
| County: Swansea
| Postcode: SA5 5BD
| Date of Birth (yyyy/mm/dd): 23/07/1960
| Mobile/Telephone Number: 7480133262
| Driver License Number: OBRIE657230RA9VU
+ ------------------------------------------+
+ Card Information
+ ------------------------------------------+
| Cardholder Name: Rose O'brien
| Card Number: 4659352514485102
| Expiry Date: 04/23
| CVV: 632
| Account Number: 38732381
| Sort Code: 07-04-36
| MMN: Davies

Also if you request anything in FULLZ we still meet

Please contact me
ICQ 713086896
Telegram @selldeadfullz
Whatsapp +84932439719
DISCORD selldeadfullz

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Cool Product Guide

Сообщение #2 FrankJScott » 31 января 2024, 04:30

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Top Product Website
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Сообщение #3 Herczaine » 20 февраля 2024, 11:46

Levelling up your game by obtaining additional qualifications is effective when you want to advance your career. Being in the construction industry is challenging since change is inevitable in that sector. With this, the College of Contract Management offers courses that can be a training ground for starters and professionals. Both individuals will benefit since the program enables them to learn up-to-date information and develop new skills. This sets you apart from others and increases your employability rate.
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smsts checker

Сообщение #4 AdnanS2024 » 09 апреля 2024, 15:41

While not legally mandated, smsts checker certification is preferred by most construction sites for site managers. The College of Contract Management offers smsts checker courses to ensure adherence to safety protocols. SMSTS certification requires individuals to undertake refresher courses every five years to update their knowledge and maintain safety standards. Failing to complete the refresher may result in the need to retake the entire course.
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Best Product Site

Сообщение #5 FrankJScott » 11 апреля 2024, 15:31

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Сообщение #7 ailynne » 28 мая 2024, 13:35

Are you studying data science and already aware of the basics and how to use python packages? The data science course in the College of Contract Management might be for you. Throughout their online course, you'll obtain enhancements to your data management and preprocessing techniques, moulding you into a professional in data science.
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Сообщение #11 ailynne » 25 июня 2024, 16:28

What educational options do you have besides attending face-to-face city university london classes? Take a look of the College of Contract Management's online courses. They offer construction courses, engineering courses, CPD courses and plenty of other topics to help improve your professional capabilities.
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